Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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[This blog was established on Sun, May 25, 2008, and last edited/updated on Nov. 6, 2014]
So far this weblog contains 18 posts under the following headlines:
The Chinese Lunar Calendar
Nuclear power plants in Greater China
Overwhelming degrees of kinship

Scribd files posted in this blog that were recently created, edited, or upgraded: 
2014, Nov. 6—Monthly and annual currency exchange rates, stock market indices 
2014, Nov. 6—The PRC's space program
2014, Nov. 5—Chronology of events in Greater China 1911-2013  
2014, Oct. 30—Who's Who in Taiwan ROC
2014, Oct. 24—City mayors and county magistrates in the ROC since 1989
2013, Oct. 9—Earthquakes in Greater China 
2014, July 15—Who's Who in the PRC
2014, July 8—Members of the ROC Legislative Yuan since 1992
2014, July 2Democratic elections in the ROC
2014, May 15—Errata in The Greater China Factbook
2014, Feb. 24—China's Olympic gold
2013, July 23—The "1992 Consensus"myth
2013, May 17—Nuclear power plants in Greater China
2013, May 16—Overview over Japanese characters 
Most of my PDF files, including files not formally introduced on this blog like my M.A. thesis, can be found on my page of While I used to post my files on in the past, I now use as my preferred platform.
I decided to switch after I discovered that parts of my more recent uploads on Scribd were intentionally blurred by the website managers and could only be seen unrestricted by paid subscription, a policy that was implemented without my knowledge or consent (in fact, I don't receive anything from those subscription fees). Furthermore, although the tables in the PDF files were flawless when I created them, but when displayed on Scribd sometimes errors showed up like skipped columns or other distortions.
However, my page on still exists and contains some of my older files which I haven’t edited in years and didn’t include on 
If you still encounter problems on either page, please feel free to contact me by e-mail so that I can send you the requested PDF file(s) as e-mail attachment. I will be glad to help as well if you have trouble downloading any of my PDF files posted on or don't want to bother signing up (or pay) as a Scribd user/subscriber but still would like to have PDF files created by me on your hard drive. Furthermore, I can also send you all future updates of such files.
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